Hi! My name is Taylor and I’m the calligrapher and artist behind MEB Calligraphy + Design Studio. I currently live in Chandler, Arizona, however I am originally from Seattle, Washington. Growing up I spent my time riding horses, playing basketball, and swimming! I went to the University of Washington for undergrad where I got my bachelor degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies. I also met my husband!! It was the first week of moving into the dorms freshman year. We were playing a game of pick-up basketball! We started out as just friends and about two years later, we went on our first date. The rest is pretty much history.

 After undergrad, we relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. A few days after getting to Phoenix, we adopted our first dog. We rescued a cattle dog mix and named her Bailey after the book, “A Dog’s Purpose.” It’s our favorite! Bailey is such a sweet, loving, and independent girl. She had the most energy of any puppy, so we would constantly take her hiking. On one of our hikes, my husband ended up proposing! The story is so sweet! My mom was actually in town for it. So he asked if I wanted to take a picture, so I bent down to pick up Bailey. As soon as I turned around, he was down on one knee. Of course, I said, “YES”!! I love that my mom and Bailey were able to be apart of it!

As we started planning our wedding, a few more significant things happened. The first is that I started learning how to handletter. I ended up handlettering all of our wedding signs and I absolutely fell in love with it. The other major thing that happened was we adopted our second puppy. We rescued a “black lab mix” because that’s what she looked like as a puppy. We ended up getting her a DNA test and that was not even close. She is a rat terrier mix. We knew that we wanted her name to be Ellie because that was the other name from “A Dog’s Purpose” that we really liked! She ended up already having that name, which was absolutely perfect! Definitely meant to be! Ellie is the sweetest, most protective, snuggle bug! We loved taking the girls hiking, to the park, and swimming!

We got married! It was beautiful and everyone absolutely loved it! About a year later, my husband and I adopted our third dog, Maximus. A coworker of my husband had a family member who had German Shepherd puppies. She begged and begged him to go see one, so when we finally decided to look at them Maximus was the only pup left. It worked out perfectly. He gets along with the girls SO well! Maximus is definitely the baby of the family, who always wants a snuggle or a pet. He is a gentle giant who loves playing fetch with his frisbee. Our dogs are definitely our children, and I don’t know what we would do without them.

For fun, my husband and I love going to the gym and working out! We also really enjoy both watching and playing sports. Our favorite is definitely basketball. We sometimes play together on the weekend. We also like going watching movies, taking our dogs to the park, and being active.

The story behind MEB!

Since I mostly work from home, my dogs are my little assistants! They actually were the inspiration behind MEBCalligraphy. The initials M.E.B. stands for each of their names (Maximus, Ellie, & Bailey), as well as “Make Everything Better.” My husband came up with this and I absolutely love it! “Make Everything Better” can have so many different meanings, such as a reminder to you to make everything better if you don’t like the way something is. However, it also be a reminder to you of things that make everything better in your life, such as your dogs, kids, job, husband, wife, and more! 

Why is this my dream!?

I’m going to be honest with you for a second. My wedding was beautiful and my mom did an amazing job planning it all! Honestly, I could have never gotten it done being in another state at the time. But did it represent my husband and I, and our love story?

No, it didn’t.

This is one of my biggest regrets. I wish we would have incorporated more of us into our wedding day. I wish it was more meaningful to our love story and our relationship!

This does not mean that I am unappreciative of it or wish that it wouldn’t have happened. It marked the beginning of my calligraphy journey! But my husband and I have had several conversations about what we would have changed. This is because we had a very pretty wedding, but it did not represent our interests or incorporate our love story.

I am saying this because this is my “why”. The reason why I am and always will be obsessed with creating custom invitations and wedding signs.

My goal in creating these pieces along side you is to make them unique to you and your love story! I want these pieces to turn into keepsakes after your wedding day and for them to hang on your walls for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me, my family, and MEBCalligraphy. I hope to get to know you as well!