Postponement Notices

It is so unfortunate all this happening right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

However, this is a time we need to lean on each other and work together to get through this.

If you are getting married during this time, I’m sure you have had to face the incredibly tough decision to postpone or cancel. I’m here to tell you that I hope you postpone, and to make your decision to do this a little easier.

I’m offering postponement notices at half price! This means you are getting printing services at cost! I am not marking any of these prices up because we are in this together. I know this is hard and stressful, so I’m here to do whatever I can!

I have some designs below that I have created just for you! You will have three options to choose from, and you can edit the color, and names, date, location.

If you are interested in postponement notices, let’s get started below!