Here at MEBCalligraphy, each project is unique and one-of-a-kind, no two signs are the same. That being said, providing an exact price until we talk about your dream wedding signage is tricky. Please bare in mind that these are rough estimates and that your final price could be more or less depending on your unique style and content.


Since your wedding or event is unique, sign prices will vary based on the size, amount of lettering, and embellishments. Below are a few examples of starting prices for lettering services.


Welcome Sign: $75
Bar Sign: $45
Menu Sign: $65
Dessert Sign: $35
Seating Chart (80 guests): $130    


The above prices are subject to change, please message me with your specific wedding signage needs for a more accurate estimate. These prices are only for lettering services, so they do not include any materials (wood, acrylic, paper goods, etc.).

Sign Options

Wood (can be provided)

The wood can be stained or painted any color you’d like. Framing is also an option (shown in the photo above).

Acrylic (can be provided)

Acrylic is 10x stronger than glass and can be left clear or can have the back painted any color. You can see the different painting options below.


You can find chalkboards at lots of stores. I would recommend checking out my Instagram (@mebcalligraphy) for a chalkboard globe or any other chalkboard signs.


I would recommend finding mirrors that go with your wedding theme. I have some options on my Instagram (@mebcalligraphy) of some deals I’ve found.

Unique Alternatives
(can be provided
depending on what
you choose)

This is just one example of an alternative sign you can choose for your wedding. I’m up to hearing any and all unique ideas that you have for your wedding signs. I also have lots of ideas if you are looking for something different than the norm. The picture above displays a faux monstera leaf.

Painted Jean or
Leather Jackets
(not provided)

Find a jacket that fits with your style and works with your dress, then send it to me to paint it.

Options for Painted Acrylic Signs

Clear (only painted
on the front of the sign)

One Color

Partial paint job, not nearly to the edges. You can also have the entire back of the sign painted.

Multiple Tones

Can use similar shades of the same color to create more of an effect for your sign.

Marble Effect

Multiple colors are used to create a unique marble look. All of your signs will have a one-of-a-kind look, just like marble.

Unique Alternatives

Stripes of multiple colors.

This sign only has the florals painted.

Add a fade of a second color to your sign.

Add Metallic Flecks

You can add gold, silver, or rose gold to your signs to add some shine. You can leave your acrylic signs clear or paint them with the metallic flecks.

Pop of Color (left clear)

You can also add a color to the back to this sign if you’d like.

These are just a few ideas for your wedding signage. You are not limited to these options. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. I’d love to hear them!

Lettering Options

Hand Lettering

You can choose either of these brushes/scripts for your signs.
If there is something else you are looking for, I can also do that.

Block Letters

You can choose either of these to customize your signs. If you’d like a something else, I can also do that for you.