Please take a look around my website and instagram to learn more about the work that I create. Once you are ready to reach out, please fill out my contact form.

I will definitely be doing a little happy dance!

I’m honestly up for anything, so please don’t be afraid to ask about something new if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.

There is only thing I ask, which is to take your time with filling out the forms. Please add as much detail as you can. All of your responses really help me in designing the pieces you envisioned for your dream stationery and day of details! I also love hearing all about what makes you overjoyed about your big day, so give me all the juicy details! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Here are my contact forms!

We get to know each other and chat about your dream projects!

After I’ve received your inquiry form, I’ll go ahead and look it over. If there is more information that I need, I will contact you. This will be done through the “best way to reach you” option you select on the contact form. If you chose phone call, I will follow up with an email first to schedule a time that works best. I do offer a free consultation call!

My follow-up generally takes place within 2-3 days after you submit the contact form.

Let’s make it official!

This is when the fun stuff happens! Honestly, proposals, contracts, and deposits are not my favorite because I enjoy creating so much more. But this does usually mean we get to work together, so it secretly is my favorite! 🙂

This is where I send you the proposal, contract, and invoice. We will go over all the important dates to make sure your project sticks to the timeline, as well as what is expected of one another in this partnership. I do ask for a 50% retainer fee to reserve the time and date of your project, however please let me know if this is something you need adjusted.

Your love story is brought back to life!

I’ll send you the inspiration board and rough sketches to give you an idea of what the final design will look like. This step is to ensure the invitations or signs are exactly how you envisioned them to be.

We will work together to get the sketches approved to be the final design. You’ll get three complimentary edits of each design. This process is very similar for both invitations and signage.


I get to work, work, work!

This is where all the pieces are brought to life and the behind the scenes takes place. This looks a little differently for invitations and signage.

For invitations, I will be creating the artwork to transform the sketches into actual designs. You’ll get to do another round of approvals on these, as well. Just to make sure everything is perfect and we don’t have any errors in the verbiage. This is also when printing, assembly, ad calligraphy addressing happens.

For signage, this is where I begin cutting, sanding, staining, and painting the signs. I also hand paint each sign with my signature handlettering.

You can see sneak peeks and the process of your projects being made on instagram! I hope that you will follow along. I love being able to show you behind the scenes!

This is where the last little details come together!

If invitations are assembled by me, I will be mailing them for you through USPS. If you’d rather assemble them yourself, then I will be mailing everything to you.

I recommend that Save the Dates are sent out 8-10 months prior to the wedding. This depends on the number of guests that will be traveling for your big day. We want to make sure we let all the special people in your life as soon as possible, so that they can make necessary travel arrangements. As for invitations, I recommend 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.

Please keep in mind if I’m mailing the invitation suites to you, then we will need to add a little buffer for extra shipping time to ensure they get to you in time to assemble.

Signage can be shipped (depending on the size of the signs) or picked up locally. Local pick-ups are done in Chandler, Arizona.