So you’ve come across my site and you’re thinking why custom invitations or wedding signage is so important? Well, let me tell you it can completely change the vibe of your wedding. Yes, I just said the “vibe of your wedding” because it is a real thing. Let me give you some examples. Imagine everyone is ready for the delicious wedding food, but you don’t know where you’re supposed to sit and you’re hangry! We have all been to that wedding where we had to wait for one person to tell us where to sit. That person has a huge responsibility and is going to have a huge crowd of hungry people standing around them waiting for their instructions. It can be overwhelming for everyone involved, so that’s why having a seating chart would make everything so much easier!

Here’s another one. You get to a venue and you are unsure if you are in the right place. Maybe there are two weddings going on at once, or the it doesn’t look like a wedding venue. It’s reassuring for guests to see a welcome sign at the entrance of a venue. I know I’m not the only one that is constantly wondering if I’m in the correct place.

You can also add your own personal flare into the stationery and signs. Rather than having each table have a number, you could have them be a Disneyland ride, or a country, or one of your favorite cities you’ve visited, or names of wines, and the list goes on. I love incorporating a couple’s love story into the wedding signage! These additions to your wedding signage can really help your guests learn more about you and your special someone! You get to tell your love story however you’d like!

Another part of wedding signage and invitatons that is so important to me is creating signs that can be repurposed. Whether that be to add to your home decor as you and your new husband/wife start your new journey together, or as a keepsake for you to remember the best day ever! Wedding signage shouldn’t just be for your big day, but should be enjoyed for years to come!

We get to know each other & chat about your dream projects!

Once I get an inquiry from you, I may send you a second questionnaire to gather the rest of the info I need. This questionnaire gathers all the information I need to give you a more detailed quote. I know your time is valuable, so I want the questionnaires to be individualized for your specific needs. Also, if I don’t need any more information, then I won’t bother you! You may ask yourself what all do these questionnaires entail? Honestly, it can seem a little overwhelming, but I want to know everything you wish to have in your stationery and/or signage, down to all the little details. It is so important for me to know more than just what you’d like include. I want to know all about you and your fiancé to create your dream invitations and/or signage that 110% represents you.

All of your responses really help me in designing the pieces you envisioned for your dream stationery and day of details! I know it sounds a little silly to say “dream” invitations and wedding signage, but believe me it makes a difference. It can change the whole wedding experience for your guests (before and during the wedding), and for you once you see them spread out throughout your venue on your big day. So please take your time and give me detailed responses because I’m up for anything and would love to hear what makes you overjoyed about your big day! Once I get back your questionnaire telling me all about your love story, style, and more – I will put together a proposal for all of your wants and wishes. This proposal is not set in stone, so you can make any alterations and additions you’d like.

We make things official!

So now, the proposal is approved! That means a contract is sent your way. This contract is not only to protect me, but to protect you as well! Don’t worry, I go you, too! The contract will lay out all of the important legal necessities and most importantly the dates, which include when you need your pieces, when the 50% deposit is due, when your final deposit is due, and more.

I send you sketches and proofs for your approval!

Phew, the contract is signed by both you and me! Now, you’re probably thinking that I immediately begin painting your invitations and/or signs. But first, I actually send over digital sketches and proofs of everything before I physically create anything. You get three rounds of edits to tweak anything you’d like in your designs. This way I make sure it is actually your dream invitations and/or signage.

I get to work, work, work, work, work!

You’ve signed off on the designs, so now I get to work. Once I am done, you can pick them up or I will ship them to you (depending where you live). We work out those details in the beginning to be sure you get your invitations and signs out on time for your to marry the love of your life! Sounds good, right??

Head over to “Investment” and choose which one you are interested in to get started!

I look forward to meeting you! 🙂